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Why Most Businesses Fail at Social Media

Why Most Businesses Fail at Social Media

Social media takes a lot of time and we hate to see people spending their time with things that won’t pay back.

A lot of small business owners ask us why their social media efforts aren’t paying off, and it’s typically because people aren’t approaching it with the correct mindset.

Social media is a place where people go to unwind and connect with friends or family. When you interact on these platforms, you need to act in the same way you would in a social setting.

Nobody wants to be sold or pitched. So stop trying to use these platforms for that purpose, and focus on building relationships and engaging.

If you want to create a great ROI from any these platforms, you need to understand and think about why people (the consumers) are using them and how to effectively engage with them.

Rather than thinking of them as a sales opportunities, think of them as a positive way to integrate your brand into the community!

Consumers already know what you want as a business owner… You want sales!!

Before you post on social media, think about what your customers want, how can you connect and relate to that.

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