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Engage to Sell!

Engage to Sell!

Like nearly all technologies, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for any business or individual, providing the ability to expand their reach and impact the community.

Similarly, social media is a vast platform with many opportunities that may potentially hinder OR increase your ability to nurture a profitable audience.

What does this mean??

There are nearly 1 billion active monthly users on social media in the United States alone.

How can any given individual consistently increase their conversion (engagement to sales) ratio??

The answer is surprisingly simple!

When using social media- focus on creating engagements, rather than sales.

(Please understand this is intended for planning organic content and not to be taken too literally. For tips on paid Facebook ads. Please click “here”)

Brennan Z. Co-founder here at Zima Marketing couldn’t have put it any better.

“social media is an engagement tool, and not necessarily a sales tool all of the time” (check out our Vlog to view the full message)

As an agency, we are frequently strategizing/consulting our clients on how they can increase their profits from these channels. One trend that has consistently shown through and through (whether it be from a gym, restaurant, or even a women’s clothing company) is that the business owners who focus on building rapport & connecting with their customers, typically show conversion rates almost doubling those who simply offer discounts & attempt to sell items.

Selling on social media is no different than selling in person. You must build rapport & connect with your prospects.

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Why is this??

For Owners, digital business is a beautiful thing. It allows you to scale your business with ease. Cutting back on wasted time and massively broadening your audience to potential customers.

For the consumer, it can be both good & bad. The digitalization of our business community offers a variety of brand choices and endless amounts of information. The consumer is still faced with the dilemma of doing business with an entity whom they have never actually met.

Facebook & Google certainly have attempted to do their part in weeding out fraudulent & less than reputable brands. But, shouldn’t part of your main focus as a business owner be building a sustainable and reputable brand image?


If you answered “Yes” to this, Rock on! Engagement and rapport building through social media is absolutely an asset to your business. Making a concerted effort to accomplish this will definitely accelerate your growth and set you up for long-term success.

If you answered “No” to this, please sit down and rethink your strategy for customer apprehension. As we continue to move towards a digitally based society, I certainly hope that you reconsider and focus on developing a plan that will incorporate a strong digital footprint. (If you have any questions, you may schedule a free call “here”).


In order to market successfully, you must adopt a uniquely interesting mindset. In the sense that you must think like both a consumer & a business owner- simultaneously. This can mean a handful of things, but what I want you to focus on now- is the mind frame 99% of users are in when they engage with any social platform. This is critical when crafting your content. In the most simple of terms, put yourself in your customer’s shoes!

Typically when creating “engageable” content, I ask myself if it meets any of the following:

  • Does it educate the viewer?
  • Will it provoke an emotional response?
  • Is this piece of content relatable for the average person?
  • Is it “shareable”?
  • Does it leave the viewer with a call to action?

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If you are a business owner looking for guidance or help with your digital customer acquisition, please do not hesitate to schedule a free 15-minute phone call with us. We’re always happy to help 🙂


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