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Fitness Marketing 101: Generate 50 Gym Leads In Less Than 10 Days!

Fitness Marketing 101

Fitness Marketing 101: Generate 50 Gym Leads In Less Than 10 Days!


There’s one question we consistently hear from prospective clients… and to sum it up, it goes something like this: “How can I get more gym leads while spending less to acquire them?”

In this article, I’m going to break down the strategy we use for our clients, and outline why it gets amazing results EVERY time!



#1: Fitness Marketing 101: Go Where Your Customers Are!


There are tens of thousands of people in your local area that are interested in fitness, their health, and gyms… So where can reach just about all of them?


Spoiler: Social media.


In the US, there are over 20 MILLION active monthly users interested in Gyms, Bodybuilding, & Weight Training alone… The ripe audiences you can target are absolutely massive.


fitness marketing 101

Facebook knows A LOT about every one of its users. It knows your age and gender. Facebook knows your passions and what you like. It even knows what type of device you use, your purchase behaviors (yes, it knows what you buy!), and MUCH more!


Aside from the data Facebook collects within their platform, they even partner with behemoth data companies such as Oracle and Acxiom and buy data from them to better understand people’s behaviors!


All of this data allows marketers like us to put your business in front of the PERFECT audience!


The days of guessing and hoping for results are over. The level of precision advertisers have on Facebook & Instagram is stunning, and this means $$$ for your business… As long as you advertise properly!


To learn more about the nitty-gritty strategies of Facebook advertising, read our other blog post called “5 Ways To Drive More Sales Using Facebook Ads”.



#2: Would You Ask A Stranger To Marry You?


If someone has never heard of your gym or already works out somewhere else, you need to give them incentive to come in for the first time! If you don’t offer them something worth their time and attention, they will just stay with your competitors and never go out of their way to switch.


The most important part of a marketing strategy or campaign is crafting an irresistible offer.


It would be silly to first ask them to sign up for your monthly plan, commit to a membership, or fork over hundreds of dollars before they even know if they like you and your gym!


Just get them in your doors with an irresistible offer. Then give them a fantastic first impression.


Let them experience your gym’s greatness at no risk to them or their wallet. Once they’ve witnessed how great your service & facility is, they will come back!



#3: Provide Value & Give Them More!


Everybody has questions. Everybody wants guidance, and that’s why they came to you in the first place. As the gym owner, you need to help them reach their fitness goals as quickly as possible. You need to be the knowledgeable authority that they look up to. If you aren’t an expert in their eyes, they will look for someone else who is.


Email marketing allows you to take the most common questions you hear from customers, and answer them instantly via an email sequence that is sent out automatically!


We will write up a couple of value-packed emails, get them set up in your autoresponder, and BAM… You never have to write them again! Each lead will receive your emails in a day-to-day sequence as if you were writing to them every day.


Providing your leads with emails packed full of useful info, as opposed to boring promotional emails, will win over the heart of your leads.


It’s your chance to turn cold leads into warm & excited leads. It’s the law of reciprocity at its finest. Give them value FIRST, and they will be more likely to stop by and meet you in person!



#4: Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up!


Most business owners never follow up more than once! Did you know that the most sales happen between the 3rd and 8th follow up? I bet you’ve heard “it takes 7 touches for someone to purchase” before, right? Well it’s true!


We wrote another blog post specifically on following up, so I’ll end this post with a link to that as your next read.


Click Here To Read “Follow Up – Turning Leads Into Customers”


Remember to ALWAYS follow up! You’re wasting SO much money if you only follow up once or twice with your leads…




I hope this article has been helpful. If you enjoyed it, please give it a share!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us as well.

Wishing you the best – Team ZIMA






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