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Case Study: Generate 870 Leads Online In 3 Days

generate 870 leads online

Case Study: Generate 870 Leads Online In 3 Days

.It was 10:45 AM when I woke up after a long night of working. I trudged out of bed, sipped some coffee, and opened my laptop to see how one of our campaigns was going. When I viewed our results, a smile formed when I saw our ads had generated over 550 email leads that night!

With a three-day deadline to promote the “Free Coffee For A Year” giveaway, our results were outstanding considering how little we spent on ads. We spent a total of $250, yet we were able to generate 870 leads online. Talk about getting great ROI!

Let’s break down the whole process in 3 simple steps, so you can walk away knowing exactly how to duplicate our results!


Step 1: Craft An Irresistible Offer!


We’ve organized and executed countless campaigns in the past to generating leads online. One thing that will either make or break your campaign is crafting the right offer.

Your offer has to be borderline crazy. You have to think about what others want to get truly amazing results. Nobody is going to take part in a giveaway or contest if the prize isn’t something worth taking the time to enter. People are busy. They scroll through their Facebook feed at insane speeds… When crafting your offer, remember to THINK BIG! You should be slightly uncomfortable knowing how much value you are giving away because that is how you know the offer is BIG enough and will get people excited.

In our experience, we have found that contests and giveaways generate MASSIVE buzz and attention. They get people excited. They get people talking. Most importantly, they are great for getting people into the doors of your business!

Often times, the price to acquire a customer can seem expensive…

If you craft an irresistible offer and go into your campaign with a plan, your customer acquisition cost can become cents on the dollar!

Something that has worked very well for us and our clients are “FREE (insert product) for a (insert month/year)” campaigns.

For example, if you own a gym, offer people the chance to win something like free training. Title your offer “FREE personal training for a month! ($1000 Value)”

If you own a restaurant, offer people “FREE lunch for a YEAR”. Make sure to clarify in the terms that “free lunch for a year” means the winner gets one free lunch per month for a year, etc.

When the offer and title are BIG, more people will click to your entry page! Just having a great offer and title alone can be the difference between paying $2 per lead or 20 cents per lead! When you put $500 into your ads for the campaign, paying $2/lead would only get you to a total of 250 leads, whereas $0.20/lead would get you 2500!

Having an enticing offer makes a very big difference.


Step 2: Create Your Landing Page With Woobox


Within our agency, we have tried TONS of different services and softwares to test which platforms provide the best results…  And for giveaways, contests, quizzes, and more, Woobox has always worked very well.

It costs $30 per month, yet it pays for itself even if you only run ONE successful campaign with it!

It will automatically connect to your email list provider (we use Mailchimp) and Facebook account. Building your landing page (where people go to enter) takes only minutes to complete with Woobox as well. When designing your landing page, make sure to keep things simple, easy to read, and if you can, use a appealing, customized background.

Here’s a screenshot of our giveaway page that got us fantastic results

successful facebook giveaway


There’s a few reasons we love using Woobox over many other platforms… But the main reason is because of Woobox’s built-in functionality for social media.

Woobox gives everyone who enters the giveaway an option to easily like your Facebook page. Also it gives entrants incentives to share the promotion with friends! By sharing, people earn more entry points in the giveaway! This helps a ton because you end up getting free traffic from people sharing the contest!

Notice how we had over 1,300 entries from people sharing the giveaway! All of the Facebook page-likes AND shares were completely FREE as a byproduct of using Woobox. This is why we love Woobox and its ability to integrate with social media and create a “viral effect” for campaigns.

The average person on Facebook has over 100 friends. When you take into account that 144 people shared the promotion for FREE (at no cost to us), this gave the brand extra exposure to 14,400 people!

social media giveaway results


Step 3: Create Ads Worth Clicking On!


If you have a great campaign offer and title ready, creating your ad copy and graphics should be pretty straightforward.

Also, reference this post on Engagement to understand how to best get people buzzing about you on social media with your ads!

There’s a versatile tool we use a lot called Canva that we love using due to its ease of use. Start by creating a free account if you don’t already have one, and use Canvas templates to get ideas. Canva can format your images perfectly for Facebook ads!

Try to make your ad images visually appealing and tie the graphics in with your offer and headline.

Here’s a screenshot of what our winning ad looked like:

social media marketing

There’s a few things that helped make this ad so successful:

  • The image is simple and conveys what the offer is about
  • The headline is irresistible for people that love coffee!
  • By telling people they can enter in 10 seconds or less, it reassures that the process will be quick and easy for them

Note: With Facebook Ad Images, remember not to add too much text! Facebook doesn’t like ad images that are text heavy. Use this tool from Facebook to check your images before you use them!

When it comes to advertising, you never know what people will respond to the most until you test a bunch of different things.

EVERY single time we run campaigns on Facebook or any other ad network, we “split test” multiple variables to find what works best. You need to first discover what resonates with the most people. Your goal is always to get your cost-per-click as low as possible.

Make sure to test different audiences, ad images, ad copy, and every variable possible. Testing different things can make a MASSIVE difference in your success with advertising! When we started our giveaway, our first ad costed $1.57 per click (not too great…) After we tried over 6 different split tests, we finally found our winning ad. That ad ended up getting us emails for only 22 cents each! By the time we found that winning ad, we only spent around $75 since all our different ads were only costing us only $5/day each.

Now that we had our winning ad, we turned off ALL the other ads. With another few hundred dollars to spend on the campaign, we increased the winning ads budget to $100 per day. We then watched the emails start pouring in! Spending most of our budget on ads we knew were performing well is exactly why we were able to generate 870 leads online in such a short amount of time.


facebook ad results


Once we hit our campaign budget of $250, we turned off the ads and announced the giveaway winner to all 870 people that joined our clients’ business. We also sent everyone a 25% off discount code to say thanks for participating.

Now we can email those leads whenever we choose and continue to drive those people back to the store to make purchases!



If it’s your first time running or creating Facebook ads, make sure you are doing so from Facebook’s Ad Manager or Power Editor!

PRO TIP: Always set your FB Ad budgets to $5 per day for EACH ad when starting!

  1. Create and run 3-10 different ads, each with a $5 per day budget.
  2. Run them all for at least two days to see which one is performing best.
  3. Next, once you see which ad is performing best (lowest cost per result), TURN OFF all the other underperforming ads and increase the winning ads budget!

This strategy will ensure your advertising budget is spent where it will perform the best and get you RESULTS!

Once again, please do not set your daily budget any higher than $5 per day. Wait until you know which ads are getting you great results and then scale them!

Facebook is more than happy to eat up your ad budget if you don’t test things before spending all your money!



In conclusion, social media is a great way to engage with people in your backyard or from all over the world! Facebook’s advertising platform is the place to be right now, and leveraging it to generate leads online can make a big difference for your brand and business.

An email list is a MAJOR ASSET for 95% of businesses. Eventually it can allow you to earn thousands of dollars just from hitting send!

We really hope this article will help you generate more leads and sales for your business.

“Spend less and get more”

Remember to reach out if you need help with anything!

Please leave us a comment below. Let us know what you think, and share this with someone who would benefit from it!

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