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What Exactly Is Influencer Marketing?

influencer marketing

What Exactly Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing has a ton of hype around the internet right now, and it’s there for a good reason!

The development of the internet and social media now make it possible for anyone to build a business, brand, or following, and reach millions of people around the globe.

We are no longer limited and chained down by location, thanks to the internet, and spreading your talents, ideas, business, and dreams with the world has never been easier.

So… What Exactly Is Influencer Marketing?

Let’s say that you own a coffee shop in Seattle, and you’re hanging out on Instagram one day and you find this guy named Jeff who is a well known coffee snob with a MASSIVE following. All he does is talk about coffee, and most who follow him are dedicated coffee fanatics…

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Jeff gave your profile a shout out and recommended your coffee brand to ALL of his coffee-loving followers?

Influencer marketing is simple a way for anyone to tap into large audiences at a relatively cheap price!

The best part is anyone can do it!

People are now beginning to understand how amazing and profitable “influencer marketing” really is…

You don’t need to have connections with TV networks, big-time channels, and you can spend as much or as little as you want!

When done right, the ROI can be unbeatable, which leads us at ZIMA to predict that in a few short years, big-time advertising agencies and behemoth brands will be investing MORE into social media influencer marketing than they will on TV and other “old school” marketing methods.

Who Would You Buy From?

what is influencer marketing

Would you be more likely to buy something your friend highly recommended, or something that you saw from a random advertisement?

I know I would definitely buy something a trusted friend recommended first!

The problem with traditional advertising is that people KNOW they are seeing an ad. This is why cutting-edge strategies work best, such as Facebook ads in 2016, because when people scroll through their feed, the ads don’t even seem like ads!

This is why Influencer Marketing is so profitable and effective!

Let’s walk through an example together…

If you love yoga and follow a Yoga expert on Instagram with a massive amount of followers, you trust, know, and like them. You followed them because you wanted to receive content from them, and enjoy it. Since you love yoga, if they post something about the best yoga mat on the market, you are very likely to check it out! And if you are in the market for a yoga mat, no doubt you will buy it since it’s your hero’s recommendation!

People are naturally risk-averse, and don’t want to buy when they feel they are being sold on something… Yet our experience with influencer campaigns has shown that people respect the influencers they follow, which makes for a much better response than that of traditional ads!

How Do I Actually Try This Whole “Influencer” Thing Out?

In our experience, buying Instagram shoutouts from Influencers has given us the best results on our investments! Just the other week we spent $15 on a simple shoutout, and had 20 people join our email list and become leads! That means we spent less than a dollar per qualified lead! For our business, that’s an outstanding ROI!

So what do I actually do to buy a shout out and start leveraging “influencer marketing” ?

One of our favorite platforms to purchase shoutouts is called Shout Cart.


instagram shoutouts

It allows you to browse through hundreds of influencer accounts in any niche and determine which ones you’d like to buy shoutouts from! Every influencer lists how much their promotions cost, and they give you specific insights and details for your campaigns.

You even choose:

  • How long your promotion will be featured on their account
  • What time you want them to post

And after the campaign is over, they will provide screenshots of the post with a breakdown of your results!

Shoutcart definitely makes tracking your influencer marketing campaigns a breeze. If you don’t feel like direct messaging tons of influencers manually inside of Instagram to discuss pricing, it’s a great tool to utilize!

Becoming A Social Media Influencer

social media influencerHave you noticed how anyone famous can launch a successful brand with much less effort compared to a person with no following and authority?

It’s because the following gives you eyes. You have people’s attention, and can control what others see!

This is why Dr. Dre launched Beats Headphones and made millions. He built his own distribution network (following), and then leveraged it to sell Beats!

Everybody has the tools to have massive success, yet most people don’t KNOW what you and I know from reading this article.

They don’t know how to leverage influencer marketing… They don’t know where to buy shoutouts and what to pay for them… But now you do!


I really hope you will take what you just learned from this article and put it into action! For your own good, TRY a shoutout campaign today! Even if it’s just for your personal profile, test Shoutcart and take some action!

You can become a social media influencer!

If you really want to increase your value and help more people, start building your personal or business brands on social media. Remember that social media is simply a tool that allows us to connect with billions of people around the world!

Whatever it is you can offer the world, get it out there!

Finally, read this if you’re unsure of why your business needs social media marketing!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions, and let us know if you found this post valuable!

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