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How To Get 16,000 Instagram Followers In Only 6 Weeks!

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How To Get 16,000 Instagram Followers In Only 6 Weeks!

The Suave Life is a digital company who aims to motivate and inspire young entrepreneurs. First of all, the accounts got “stuck” at 2,000 followers, so consequently, we put forth a strategy and execution plan!


5 Steps To Gaining More Instagram Followers


1. Create A Great Logo

First, our team created a new logo for their brand. We crafted it to portray their “suave” brand name and vision. Developing a professional and clean logo is very important when growing an online brand! If you don’t have a team of designers like we did to create ours, Fiverr is a good place to find designers that won’t steal your wallet…

2. See What Is Already Working!

After we created a logo, we began looking for what was working for other BIG accounts in the same niche. We discovered the best ideas by typing related keywords into the “Explore” tab in Instagram. For example, we would type in “young entrepreneurs” or “motivation” to see which posts were getting the most attention and likes.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel when starting out, just DO what the big guys DO! Copy the people that have the results you desire!

3. Create Amazing Content!

For creating content, we absolutely love and highly recommend a free tool called Canva!

Canva is a very simple and easy to use tool, yet it turns the whole content creation process into a breeze. Before Canva, our team had to use Photoshop for everything, which is fine, but Canva turned out to be SO much quicker, easier, and overall WAY more fun to use!


After just two weeks of work, and with only $80 spent on strategic advertising, we raised their Instagram followers count from 2,000 to 6,000. Not bad so far, right?

4. Build An EMPIRE!

“If we can grow any account by 1000-5000 followers per month… Why don’t we just create more accounts?” we asked ourselves…

Instead of having only one account, we decided to create a network of them – each a little bit different. Having 5 accounts is always better than 1. The more people you reach, the you gain!

Since creating those extra accounts, we started seeing a large increase in traffic to our website. We were collecting email leads on autopilot!

Our mission was to get 15,000 Instagram followers in four months, and we were almost there in only three!

5. Consistency Is Key!

Creating a network of 5 branded accounts and posting on all of them consistently is what allowed our growth to skyrocket. If you are serious about growing a large following, being consistent with putting out high VRIN content will ensure your success!

We use VRIN scores to make sure our content is amazing. What on earth is a VRIN score?

  • Valuable: Is your content valuable for your audience? Rate the value from 1-10
  • Rare: Is your content unique and rare? Or is it the same stuff everyone else is putting out? Rate your “rare” score 1-10
  • Inimitable: Is your content impossible for others to copy? Is it difficult for others to imitate? If it is, it will definitely be unique and interesting for your audience! Rate your “inimitable” score 1-10
  • And last, we have Non-substitutable: If your content isn’t substitutable and demands attention, your readers and followers will be highly engaged! Rate this factor 1-10

Now add all of your VRIN numbers up, divide by four, and you have your contents VRIN score! If your VRIN score is higher than 8, you know you have quality content on your hands and your audience will be begging for more!

In addition to being consistent, using multiple accounts, and knowing about VRIN scores, here’s a “pro tip” that will get your posts the most engagement possible!

Instagram Pro Tip

First, research the best and most used hashtags for your audience/niche using this free tool, and type 20 of the best into a document or note app.

Keep a copy of them on your phone (I use Notes on my iPhone) with your 20 hashtags, and paste those hashtags into your comments after posting!

Lastly, add 10 more hashtags that are very specific to the post! (Instagram limits 30 per post)

This allows your post to be seen by the most people possible in the Explore tab. Also this ensures the people that see your post will be interested in your content!

Furthermore, by posting your hashtags in the comments instead of in the photo caption, your posts will look clean and won’t appear “spammy”.

After boosting The Suave Life’s engagement and following for 3 months, we noticed a dramatic increase of 10,000 followers! As a result, our posts were averaging around 30-50 comments and getting over 200 likes. In addition, we were collecting anywhere from 10-30 targeted email leads per day from people clicking on our website link!

…And all this from just following this strategy and being consistent!

In conclusion, after 3.5 months, The Suave Life’s social following grew to over 16,000 engaged followers!

We crushed our goal.

This case study proves that with the right knowledge and execution, anyone can build an Instagram empire!

instagram followersYou can visit The Suave Life’s Instagram accounts here:




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    very interesting, thanks! A woman named Blake sang your praises at a recent meeting we attended.

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    • ZIMA
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      Hi Angel!

      We use and recommend the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. Hope this helps!

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