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CoronaVirus - What's Right For Your Business

In The Midst of The CoronaVirus...

We feel it is critical to address the daunting concerns of health, safety and best practices for your business & marketing strategy during this uncertain time.
Many business owners may be feeling uncertain or hesitant to make that leap of faith and invest in the growth of their company during the economic turmoil that has occurred these last few weeks.
It is our responsibility as leaders in digital marketing space to be sure our clients, fellow entrepreneurs and business owners are equipped with the right information, data, and resources to continue profitably through this storm.
While times are uncertain and it may feel like the best idea is stop everything, looking to the past may provide clarity and confidence when deciding how you will proceed and make the most of our situation.
While we have never experienced something quite like the COVID-19 pandemic, we can look to other times in our nation’s history to see how businesses have overcome hardship and obstacles like we currently face.
One of the most recent and useful moments in time to understand our current situation is the financial crisis that occurred in 2001 after the terrorist attack on 9/11.
Although this crisis came in a very different format, our economy and response system was very similar in the sense that businesses shut down, the economy took a plunge, major sporting events were cancelled, shows on Broadway and festivals shut down… People were in panic and businesses were strategizing on how to proceed and best protect their employees, families, and profits.
It’s fascinating to study the decisions and outcomes that occurred during this time to understand how we may position ourselves to take advantage of opportunity rather than hunker down and hide.
In this article from ad-age we learn in detail about various companies decisions and impact that was created due to either scaling or cutting all marketing expenses.
What we found in reading this was a deep understanding in the communities desire to be understood by the businesses they interact with. The companies that scale down marketing budgets had negatively impacted revenues in the time the economy dropped that was far superior to the impact businesses who shifted and continued moving forward received.
At ZIMA we believe that, above all else, relationships and people are what make a business unique, and it’s our job to guide and empower our clients to make the right decisions for their business growth and goals.
Being that the country is in a state of lockdown, there are many people in front of TVs computers and mobile devices, meaning now is a perfect time to leverage your brand and story to stay top of mind.
Whether you’re already running campaigns, planning to, or you find yourself with extra time to consider the possibility, NOW is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a giant step forward these next few months while ad costs are low and competition is scarce.
Due to the health risks and concerns of COVID-19, our team is taking action to limit our face-to-face meetings, video shoots, and in person projects at this time. We will still be available to video conference or answer any questions, and we will continue to provide value for our clients and those who need guidance.
In response to the lockdown and social distancing regulations, we are in the process of creating a video content program so you can create high-quality content with your smartphone while still having access to professional video editors. We even provide fresh content ideas & topics each month for you to choose from.
We are excited to announce a new addition to our product offering: U-SHOOT, #ContentForEveryone
Stay tuned for more info on U-Shoot!

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, click here to get in touch. Let’s chat about how we can make this year your best year yet.

Coronavirus - What's Right For Your Business?

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