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How To Follow Up With Online Leads: 3 Easy Steps

Many businesses invest heavily in online advertising, but many of them don’t know how to properly follow up with their leads. It’s easy to get caught up in the push and pull of lead generation and forget about nurturing your leads until they become customers. If you’re a business owner looking for ways to maximize your advertising dollars, this blog post is for you! In this article, we will discuss three simple steps that will help you create a great first impression as well as long-term relationships with your prospects so they become loyal customers.

Step 1: Speed To Lead Is Crucial. Reach Out Quickly And Make Sure Your Solution Is Top Of Mind For The Prospect

It’s critically important to reach out to your leads as soon as they register interest, so your solution is top-of-mind. It’s all too common for people to see an ad on Facebook, sign up, and forget about doing so 30 minutes later once they’ve scrolled miles down their newsfeed. If you’re not reaching out quickly, ideally within 5-10 minutes, they’ll think of your company as a spammer.

We live in an instant-gratification world, where humans (unfortunately) have shorter attention spans than goldfish, so make sure you’re reaching out to any leads that come in as soon as possible!

Step 2: The Perfect Hand-Off Script For Online Leads

Part 1: Review the conversation or the questions the lead answered to find out exactly what they’re looking for

Part 2: Use your market experience to put something together of value for the lead

Part 3: Convey the value proposition you have for them.

Your script should look something like this:

“Hi (name), this is (your name) from (company name). I saw you were looking for _______. I also saw you’re looking for _______. Totally makes sense. I went ahead and did some research for you and actually found _______ that fit what you’re looking for!”

Here’s another example for real estate agents:

“Hi (name), this is Dave from Windermere Seattle. I saw you were looking for a two-bedroom home in a nice school district. I also saw you’re looking for a home with a large yard that would be perfect for your dog. Totally makes sense. I went ahead and did some research for you and actually found 3 homes that fit what you’re looking for! It’s going to be a beautiful day on Saturday, how about we go check them out? How’s your afternoon look?”

Creating a script that acknowledges the info they gave you and shows them you’ve already done your research will HUGELY improve the odds they respond to you in a positive way.

You don’t want anything too long-winded or drawn-out here – just something short and sweet that shows them you’ve taken some initiative.

Step 3: Add Them To Your Newsletter To Keep Them Up To Date & Keep The Conversation Going!

If you don’t already have a newsletter, you can easily create a free one through Mailchimp.com. Here at ZIMA, we recommend Mailchimp, Drip.com, or ActiveCampaign. All three options give you the ability to create newsletters and contact lists that can help you organize all your leads and remain consistent when it comes to following up.

What’s worse than paying for Online leads that don’t answer the phone?

Not many things… Are you tired of dealing with crap leads? We are. We hate seeing our clients spend time calling to qualify leads… That’s not why you got into business… Is it?

We believe that your focus should be on the people’s side of things… That’s why our team has finally launched a Follow Up & Convert System that is completely done for you!

Lead follow-up takes WORK! Experts recommend that Realtors call their online leads within 5 minutes of receiving them… We know that’s not always possible, so, we do it for you in TWO!! That’s right within 2 minutes our team will call, greet and qualify your prospects.

“But what if they don’t answer?”

That’s actually pretty common & we expect it. People have lives, they have kids, families, and jobs… We know it gets busy. Not to worry, our team will contact your leads 20 times over the first 90 days to be sure we get things off on the right foot.

Trackability is extremely important. If you don’t, how are you to know what’s working vs what’s not? As marketers, we geek out on this. That’s why we’ve brought you this dashboard:

online leads dashboard

Learn what works in real-time.

We also know that it’s hard to create a good impression if our team doesn’t have great training & speak fluent English… All our follow-up members are U.S.-based 🙂.

You also get access to call, and SMS records so you know exactly how the magic went down.

Soooo… What does ZIMA really do for you??


You don’t have to learn about ads, CRM integrations, website design, coding, copywriting, content creation, video editing, graphic design… None of it!

The only work you have to do is CLOSE DEALS.

online leads company

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