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Lead Generation: Why is it so important to your sales and marketing?

Generating leads is one of the most important aspects of your sales and marketing campaigns. Why? Because you need to keep up with demand and have a continuous flow of new people in order to generate revenue. Your current customers are buying from you, but it’s not enough. You need more people who are interested in your brand as well. That’s what lead generation ensures for your company!

Lead generation is the process of attracting a person’s interest in the product and then nurturing that interest so they will make an eventual purchase decision. So what are some effective online lead generation tools?

Sponsored Ads

You can narrow down and target your audience based on location, demographics, interests and more. Sponsored ads are a great way to bring in new leads with the help of Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn and Google Ads Manager. If you worry about budget, you can get some ads started for as little as a couple dollars a day!

Organic social media can go hand in hand with sponsored ads. You can use organic social media to generate new leads by sharing your content, photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media has become the biggest hub to connect people and products. Remember, “content is king”. Building your online social presence is an extremely cheap way to reach new customers and generate new leads.


Blog posts are a great way for you to share information with customers about anything that might interest them– from how-to’s or DIY projects, or advice columns relating specifically to the industry. Blogs help drive traffic to your website. The more people are driven to your website the more likely they will convert to a lead. Be sure to take advantage of all the search engine optimization tactics available such as title tags to get potential customers to your site.

Blogs are also a great way to generate leads because they foster an easy, conversational dialogue with visitors. Whether you’re blogging about your latest product or service offerings, helpful tips for customers, resources, and more– blogs provide the opportunity for potential new leads to get in touch with your business by filling out the contact form or contacting you via phone.

Email Marketing

Create engaging newsletters that will be sent out on a pre-determined schedule so you can consistently put your best content forward for potential customers. This is also an excellent strategy if you want to create drip campaigns to slowly be on top of the mind of the customer by generating a campaign focused on their interests.

As you’re sending out emails, be sure that the subject lines are compelling and enticing so customers will want to open up their email for what they think is an enticing offer or a flash sale.

So what are you waiting for? Get to generate those leads and watch your sales grow!

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