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Marketing Has Completely Changed…

Everything that “worked” 3-5-10 years ago, has completely changed.

Why? Because consumers have options which means they have FULL CONTROL now…

At the tip of our fingers, we can find almost ANY piece of information, product review, real estate listing, market rate, skill tutorials and more.

The noise, the confusion, the ability to get a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinion… It has never been easier or more common.

So what do you do?

How do you stand out & win the attention of those around you?

Its simple… You being you, is more important and powerful than ever.

Being linear across all platforms… You shouldn’t have an Instagram persona, a LinkedIn character and a facebook profile that are any different from each other.

Nobody will take action on confusion. Not now, not before and likely not ever… So, standout, speak up, be polarizing & unique!

Thats why you choose to work with the people you do, right?

Because they are them… Maybe there is another company out there, practically nobody is re-inventing the wheel these days.

You choose your partners, suppliers, & service providers because of the way you have connected with them. Shared laughs, love for the same teams, cities, beliefs, music and lifestyle.

Because I have specialized in working with in commercial and residential Real Estate/Mortgage industry, I see this all the time.

Why market and use incentives that people can achieve on their own?!?!

It worked really well at one point, we used it to help our clients… But times have changed! People have gotten smarter and used to the tactics.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but all this online marketing, websites, emails, social media, SEO, content… Its for one purpose, to connect with people you wouldn’t have had access to before!!

So stop using your listings, market rates/reports and “special” deals to start relationships!! Think about the customer journey.

Marketing YOU is what works… Thats what makes you different from those around you. Your process, your knowledge & your passion… Thats how you win big in 2020.


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the modern agent miami real estate marketing event

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