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Perspective Is Relative

What You Need To Know About Growing Your Brand Online

We live in a harsh world. Everyday you see it, winners & losers. Its binary, there really is no in between.

If you think that is a harsh statement, it’s because it is. Fortunately, perspective is relative.

I’ll say that again & make sure you pay attention: Perspective is relative.

I’m not writing this to be an a-hole. I’m writing it because it’s true. We live in a world where everyone wants to be an “expert”. But what even constitutes that title?

With our culture shift and enormous increase in digital media, it seems almost anyone can coin that term. Its bull shit.

Like I said, perspective is relative. John is an expert, because he bought an online course learned a handful of jargon & filmed a video stating 10 basic facts that you’ll likely find on Neil patel’s blog, on the first page of google.

John is an expert because he decided called himself one & invested in the content to back his claim up. But the results, the data to back this up- where is it?

See, I’m here to tell you that no one in this industry is an “expert”. Digital media has been around for barely 10 years.

Facebook has only been an advertising platform for 5. Nobody is an expert.

Some of us are better than others. That is undeniably true. But, this industry is changing every single day.

So, what can you do to make sure you’re ahead? It’s simple, you follow the same principles that our world’s leading companies have defined.

“The companies that win are the companies that invest in their consumers”

Just take a look at our society’s biggest brands- Amazon, Uber, Apple, Google, What do they all have in common?

They have developed systems that reduce the effort needed for transactions to take place. It’s easy to do business with them.

Better yet, making a purchase is so easy it’s fun, at least in comparison to their competitors.

But how does a small business, with limited resources make this possible?

With effort. Running a business takes a tremendous amount of effort, you already know that.

But then why are you allowing your customers to struggle when it comes time for a transaction?  

People follow the path of least resistance, we want everything to be easy. Even more so our culture expects to be served on a platter. Top notch service- simple, efficient & beneficial for the purchasing party.

Life is a sequence of push and pull. If one side is going to benefit that means another will likely struggle.

In this situation “struggle” is positive. It shows that you truly care for your customers, that you are willing to incur a tedious inconvenience for the sake of reliving your client.

Who wouldn’t want to do business with that?

Define yourself & stand out:

In order to break through, you need to be exceptional.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none”.

If you want to be the top dog, it’s time to niche down. Stop trying to serve anyone with a wallet. The scarcity mindset will only hold you back.

What did Amazon start out selling? Books, Jeff sold books- out of his parents garage for a painful amount of time. It’s impressive, a true example of ambition, faith and dedication.

What can we learn from his insane level of commitment?

Pick something and stick with it.

When you keep switching objectives, you get nowhere. Why be 10% at ten things, when you could just as easily be 100% in one?

Working in a startup environment, have seen this time and time again. Fuck, I have even been guilty of it myself.

One of the biggest laughs I have, is observing other agency and the way they title themselves. “Digital Marketing” is an absurdly broad term and I want nothing to do with it.

We are not a umbrella agency, we are a “Paid Advertising & Creative Media Agency”. Can we accommodate other advertising strategies? Absolutely, we could. We understand and can execute in a number of areas. But, I want nothing to do with it- we are focused on PPC & content distribution. Anything that my clients need outside of that, I refer to my network of experts.

Even though I could increase my revenues and capture more clientele, I rarely take that path. Why? Because typically its not in my clients best interest. I mean seriously, I have arguably the best damn SEO team in the country & one of the world’s most advanced chatbot development agencies in my inner circle. Why would I ever rob my client of that resource?

Yep, you heard that correctly. I will refer out easy money because it’s what’s best for my customer. Im in this business to help others, not to be a hammer who hits every nail.

Pushing forward is critical. You can’t be the best at everything, specialists are where the money is made. Even more importantly, specialists are where the value is undeniably apparent. After all, we’re in this business to help others & that only occurs when we stay focused and committed to the objectives we set out achieve.

Be Data Driven:

Data makes the world go round.

Just kidding, that’s not true. Momentum is what makes the Earth go. It was already in motion when it formed, nothing has happened to stop it and the Sun’s gravitational pull is what makes that “going” round instead of straight.

But, that’s besides the point. The point is, be calculated. Have facts, hard numbers, and data to back your decisions.

One of the biggest game changers in my business has been removing emotion from the equation. We are 100% data driven and i belive that has tremendously influenced our success.

I have a theory & we live by it. Nothing is the best until the results are proven.

You would be surprised, sometimes the weirdest shit that you would never expect is what makes our ads profitable.

I mean weird bizzare tweaks, like using an exclamation point instead of period or changing an image border from yellow to blue. Details that seem so minute you could easily overlook it, unless of course, you are a specialist. Because only a specialist would know the industry ins and outs.

Nothing is free only complementary:

I’ve made this mistake time and time again and I’m here to tell you, for small business nothing is free only complementary.

Why is this?

Because it’s a matter of perspective. Free, is worthless. Typically nothing of value is ever free. So why are you positioning your brand to new clients with “free” offers?

Yes, it grabs attention. Yes, people may come redeem it.

But, will the really give a shit about what you stand for? No, they don’t give damn. Timmy just wants his free class pass & then he’s on to take advantage of the next sucker.

free & complementary present nearly the same outcome for your customer. Yet one may help your business while the other will only cause brand damage.

Like I said before, it’s a matter of perspective!

Content is the key to your success:

As much as I hate this saying. It’s absolutely true you need to live by it.  

“People don’t know what they don’t know”

I hear you, it’s obviously stupid… But, it’s imperative to humble yourself and realize that only you and your team know your business.

How are others going to find you?

Better yet, how will they understand the value that comes with an engagement?

We live in a world where people walk around with faces stuffed into a screen.

Everywhere they look it’s content. Business related or not, you are competing for the attention of your consumers.


Nobody cares to see your patched together Instagram photos or shaky mobile videos. Stand out! The content you create will define your brands image in the eyes of the consumer. Cheaply made content leaves a cheap impression on your audience.

Invest in creative design, content and media distribution. It works, just look to the big kids ( Amazon, Apple, Google). Nothing but the best is released to the market.

Don’t be a skimp:

I see this everyday and it drives me bananas. Small business owners jump over dollars to pick up pennies. It’s sad. Outside of the crypto phenomen, when is the last you spent $500 to make back $50,000?

Never – exactly my point. It takes money to make money. Capital chases profits

Contrary to popular belief, online advertising isn’t magic. Actually, It’s quite the opposite. We operate through implementing audience/consumer analytics and advanced psychology, to place your business and compelling content in front of those who are likely to buy.

That being said, I can’t make something out of nothing. Starting a business is an investment, whether its time or money you’ll have to contribute something, if you want to see results.

On a daily basis small business owners, from all parts of the country come to us looking for advice.

Well, here it is:

If you’re stuck in a rut and wondering why your business is still a “small” business, it’s because you’re thinking like one!!

Think big and you will become the top dog. Not overnight and not in one month, but through consistent action and educated decision making, i guarantee you will rise up.

Thank you for reading this!

We are going to be focused on providing quality content for all of our followers and clients. DON’T BE SHY, Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask questions, we’re only here to help!