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Say Hello to More Leads & More Deals.

We help you find more buyers or sellers in your target area. Get more leads, close more deals & have fun doing it! Schedule a call with our team by clicking the button below.

What Is The "B.A.R.E. Marketing Package"?

With the help of many real estate & mortgage professionals, we have developed the ultimate marketing package designed to take your real estate business to new heights.

Our Specialties:

Fill Your Open Houses

We have experience filling up open houses with qualified local buyers.

Promote Your Listings To Locals

Get buyer leads as soon as your listings hit the market!

Fill Up Your Homebuyer Classes

Like hosting classes? We'll get it filled up quickly.

Promote Your Buyer/Seller Guides

People LOVE content that educated them. Let's get your guides in the right hands online.

Generate Better Seller Leads

Volume isn't always everything... We also focus on generating HIGH QUALITY leads for you.

Generate Better Buyer Leads

Buyers are hanging out all over Google & social media. We know how to reach them.

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What's Included?


We use targeted online advertising & social media to generate high quality leads on demand for you.

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follow up strategy


Leads alone = no money.

Leads + follow up = lots of money.

The more you follow up with more leads, the more money you make.


Get personalized in-depth coaching from our team of business development experts.

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Don't Hear It From Us... Hear What Our Clients say!

Jeff Van N.

“ZIMA Marketing is the real deal. Most so-called “marketing experts” talk a big game, but don’t get the results to back it up. If you’re looking to grow your business and you want to strategically align yourself with an outsourced marketing group, you want the guys from ZIMA on your team. They are phenomenal to work with – professional, responsive and they deliver results!”

Richard K.

“You can always count on Zima that they will continuosly improve in marketing, customer service, and most importantly in character.

These are upstanding folks with a desire to serve, not just make a buck. We’ve worked together and several projects and I have witnessed them deliver with integrity and service.

You have to work with them before they get too expensive!”

Ben S.

“They fulfilled all my requests quickly and efficiently. My website and marketing has taken off since I started using ZIMA. These are definitely the go to company for your marketing needs.”

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What Are You Waiting For?

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