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Fitness Marketing

Local Gym
Gets 399% ROI

Discover how we generated 47 leads and 5 paying customers within 30 days for a local fitness studio. Click the button below to download & view the case study.


Tony & Katrina

Gym Owners

“These guys delivered more leads in two weeks than we got in 6 months from our previous marketing company!”

Pilates Marketing

Pilates Studio
Gets 153 Hot Leads

Discover how our team generated 153 hot leads within 60 days for a local Pilates studio. Click the button below to access the “ZIMA Vault” where you can view case studies, infographics, video training & more for free!

Savanah H.

Business Owner

“Ben & Brennan we’re great to work with! Super friendly & knowledgeable. I have been using their services to grow my studio & we have had a lot of success since launching my new site & online ads. 2 thumbs up for ZIMA!!”

Mortgage Marketing

Mortgage Team
Gets 96 Booked Appointments With Qualified Buyers In 90 Days

How we helped a local mortgage team turn 842 mortgage leads into 26 closed deals from our system in just 3 months, producing a 120% return on investment.


Jeff V.

Mortgage Lender

“ZIMA Marketing is the real deal. Most so-called “marketing experts” talk a big game, but don’t get the results to back it up. If you’re looking to grow your business and you want to strategically align yourself with an outsourced marketing group, you want the guys from ZIMA on your team. They are phenomenal to work with – professional, responsive and they deliver results!”

E-COMMERCE Marketing

5%+ Increased Conversion Rate

By building our client a new, marketing-optimized e-commerce website on Shopify, we were able to raise their conversion rate by 5% instantly! Click the button below to download & view the case study.

Alex W.

Model & Business Owner

fashion model marketing

“The team at ZIMA is superb! They had my website up fast and the seamless feel and quality of my site is second to none. Highly recommend these guys!”

EMail Marketing + Facebook Ads

1287 Email Leads
Generated In 3 Days

Discover how we leveraged Facebook ads and automated email marketing to generate over 1000 email leads for our client in only 3 days! Click the button below.

Richard K.

Business Development

“You can always count on Zima that they will continuosly improve in marketing, customer service, and most importantly in character.

These are upstanding folks with a desire to serve, not just make a buck. We’ve worked together and several projects and I have witnessed them deliver with integrity and service.

You have to work with them before they get too expensive!”

Content Marketing

Book Achieved "Best Seller" On Amazon

Discover how we were able to help our client get his brand new book to reach the Amazon “Best Seller” list. 

amazon best seller marketing

Ricky A.

Video Production Company Owner

“These guys are the real deal. Extremely knowledgeable on all the relevant platforms such as YouTube , Facebook, and Instagram. I had no idea how to market my business before talking to these guys. Not only did they put together a strategic game plan for me but they executed it 100000% . I am extremely thankful to the entire Zima team. Thank you guys for all you do.”

Facebook Recruiting

Sales Reps Recruited Via Facebook Ads

Discover how we generated leads for a door-to-door sales company that needed to recruit reps for the summer sales season.

Ben S.

DJ & Entertainment Business Owner

“They fulfilled all my requests quickly and efficiently. My website and marketing has taken off since I started using ZIMA. These are definitely the go to company for your marketing needs.”

Product Launch Marketing

Tech Startup Gets 3X ROI On Kickstarter

Discover how we generated spent $300 on Facebook ads and generated over $1,000 in Crowdfunding for a tech startup.


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