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Get Solar Leads & Sales On-Demand In Under 7 Days.

Tired of knocking doors or cold calling to make sales? With our premium solar lead generation service, you’ll get qualified leads delivered right to your phone on a consistent basis, so you can spend more of your time doing the things you love. Here’s a basic overview of what you get:

solar panel leads

Get Solar Leads Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home

Let our solar lead gen experts do the heavy lifting for you. Our team of seasoned pros will get your company’s name in front of thousands of potential homeowners each day to keep leads coming in at a steady pace all year round.

Solar Marketing Case Study

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"These guys delivered more leads in 2 weeks than we got in 6 months with our previous marketing company!"
- Tony B

Solar Marketing Case Study

Tap Here To Read Our Case Study!

" “ZIMA Marketing is the real deal. Most so-called “marketing experts” talk a big game, but don’t get the results to back it up. If you’re looking to grow your business and you want to strategically align yourself with an outsourced marketing group, you want the guys from ZIMA on your team. They are phenomenal to work with – professional, responsive and they deliver results!”

- Jeff V.

Read Solar Marketing Case Study

Discover Exactly How We Generated Over 70 Leads and 8 Sales For A Solar Contractor In Under 30 Days!
Solar Marketing

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