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The Do’s & Don’t of Facebook Advertising

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The Do's & Don'ts of Facebook Advertising

Ahhh Facebook advertising… The “hottest” way to advertise your business in 2017/2018… 

Yes, the hype is real, and for good reason! Facebook ads are a great way to get your product or service in front of super-targeted audiences. To be honest, they’ve done an amazing job with their targeting capabilities, but Facebook isn’t the “one and done” solution…

If you REALLY want your business to be successful online, you shouldn’t be putting all of your hypothetical marketing eggs in the Facebook basket. Just like any investor would tell you not to rely on one source of income, you should be diversifying your advertising efforts.

First off, let’s talk about what you SHOULD do with Facebook…

The Do’s of Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the best platforms when it comes to interest and behavioral targeting. Google’s platform offers demographical and interest targeting as well, but it’s just not quite as detailed as Facebook.

If your audience is VERY particular, Facebook may be a fantastic solution.

One of the BEST features about Facebook ads is the Lookalike functionality. If you already have a customer list or lead list (people you’ve already done business with), uploading that list into Facebook and creating a Lookalike audience can drastically cut costs, your time spent testing and put your brand in front of the right people fast. This is something you can’t quite do with other platforms which is why Facebook is great for SCALING businesses.

If you don’t already have a list of past customers, don’t fret… There are also things you can do on Facebook to begin growing your list effectively.

Running special promotions such as giveaways and contests can generate top quality engagement across Facebook & Instagram. Leveraging influencers is also a super effective way to build custom audiences so you can later create high performing lookalike audiences.

Now that we’ve gone over ways that Facebook advertising can produce great results, let’s finally talk about what you should NOT do.

The Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

Ok… this part is pretty important because we see a LOT of business owners trying to make things work when they aren’t using the platform for what it’s meant to do.

When running Facebook campaigns, make sure you aren’t running a campaign that’s better suited for Google or a different platform. If your business offers products or services that are meant for people in a very specific buying stage, often times Google can be a better solution. Let’s walk through an example…

Say you own a local auto shop and want to generate leads or sales for your special oil change promotion. Even though you can target people with specific cars and a wide range of demographics like income, location, etc, this is definitely a campaign better suited for a search engine platform like Google, Yahoo or Bing. It’s VERY hard and expensive to run ads to everyone with a car for an oil change because you have no idea if they actually NEED an oil change.

A better bet would be to run this type of campaign on the Adwords platform and target people that are actively searching for terms such as “oil change near me” or “best oil change” etc…

Make sure you are leveraging all of Facebook’s advanced targeting features if you want to run a campaign within their platform.

Right now the “hype” and common conception is that Facebook is the cheapest place to drive traffic, but the reality is that each platform has its place.

Before you launch your next online advertising campaign, think hard about WHERE your audience would be looking for that type of offer or promotion.

If you’d like to discuss your next campaign with us to see where it might best be placed, schedule a call with our team by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. We’re happy to help and wish you the best in your next Facebook advertising adventure.

Targeted Ads – Creepy or Beneficial?

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Targeted Ads - Creepy or Beneficial?

When it comes to targeted ads, it’s true. Facebook knows where you live, what movies you like, what kind of lifestyle you live, and more. Creepy much? Yep.

But there’s another side to the coin…

Is the fact that companies can put hyper-targeted products and services in front of you that may make your life better such a bad thing? It’s now easier than ever to find products and services that can help make life convenient. 

It all comes down to the question of personal preference and what data you allow them to access. I bolded “you allow” because you DO have the choice of giving them your targeted info or not!

You see, the more information social media platforms obtain from consumers, their relevance and value as a platform also increases. The reason Facebook is such a large company is because all of the revenue they generate from advertisers! But why are people so happy to give their hard earned money to Facebook to advertise? It’s because they let us in on the nitty-gritty data such as purchase behaviors (what type of things you buy), interests (what thinks you like), demographics (your age, gender, income bracket, job title, etc) and much much more. They even purchase data from 3rd party data companies such as Experian & Acxiom for billions of dollars.

Every year Facebook, Google and other platforms earn BILLIONS of dollars because they control the eyes of the world. They’re also in a constant effort to balance the scale between making their platform beneficial for BOTH consumers and advertisers.

Opportunity For Business

As a business owner, you have an amazing opportunity before you. You have the chance to place your product in front of the most targeted audience of people in history… And it’s only getting better every day.

30 years ago, or even 10 years ago, advertising wasn’t as easy… People had to pay top dollar to get their brands on billboards and TV without knowing if it would even bring a return.

Now with the advancement of technology, everything can be tracked and recorded so there’s no second-guessing. Now you can know if your ads are bringing in a positive or negative return.

Who knows where Facebook will be in 5 years, but regardless, make sure your business is leveraging the best platforms TODAY to find your specific audience of buyers.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like help setting up targeted ads for your business that generate positive returns, click the button and the bottom of this page to schedule a call with my team! 🙂

How B2B Companies Can Profit From LinkedIn Ads

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How B2B Companies Can Profit From LinkedIn Ads

With ad costs rising on platforms such as Facebook and Google, many b2b companies and marketers are turning to LinkedIn to generate quality leads.

Last month my team set out to experiment the effectiveness of LinkedIn ads vs. Facebook & Google… The results were both shocking and impressive.

We decided to split test the different types of LinkedIn ads: text ads, InMail ads and Sponsored Content ads. We ran each type of ad for 14 days while split testing multiple variables within the ads such as text, images and call-to-actions.

After the experiment period, we found that the InMail ads outperformed everything else. Logically it makes sense since you’re reaching out directly to someone. With text ads and sponsored content, it’s less likely that someone will get in touch with you AFTER exploring your content.

Our average cost per InMail message was anywhere from 40-65 cents… Not bad considering a lot of people scheduled a call via our favorite booking application Calendly.

Once we discovered the power of InMail ads, we began testing out different message variations. Originally our click-through-rate (CTR) was around 3% but as we tested more it rose to a whopping 9%!

Before Testing Message Variations:linkedin ads


I don’t know how familiar you are with click-through-rates, but an AVERAGE CTR is around 1-2%… So 9% was quite nice to see. Shoutout to LinkedIn!!

The Results

Over the next couple of weeks we ended up spending around $500 which generated over $5,000 in revenue for our company. LinkedIn InMail ads can absolutely give your business an edge when 90% of your competition is still only leveraging Facebook or Google.

If you’d like any help setting up LinkedIn ads for your business, click the button at the bottom of this page to schedule an introductory call with our team!

Thanks for reading! Please share this with anyone who may benefit from it 🙂