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Teaching Real Estate Lead Generation At Douglas Elliman Miami 🏝

Last week we had the pleasure of teaching a class at Douglas Elliman in Miami/Coconut Grove.

Some BIG changes are underway when it comes to real estate & mortgage marketing. We flew to Miami to help realtors understand the strategies and tactics that are generating the best results right now.

With Facebook & Instagram disabling two thirds of their targeting capabilities for real estate & mortgage, it’s important for real estate professionals to know how they can stay ahead despite the setback.

The (Very Near) Future Of Marketing

Content marketing is becoming more and more valuable due to it’s genuine & transparent nature. People are able to see your face, hear you talk, connect with YOUR story and so much more by watching a video.

Video engages prospects, evokes emotion & educates without being pushy. It empowers viewers to learn and move at their own pace while providing value and building rapport.

Here at ZIMA, we’ve been pushing video production and content marketing for quite some time, but as time goes on, video only seems to grow more and more valuable.

Consumers are leaning towards more tailored and personalized services, so by showing consumers who you are through video, you can weed out the tire kickers and attract your ideal customers.

ZIMA Marketing Miami real estate lead generation

Besides teaching Lead Generation in Miami and connecting with business owners, we were able to enjoy some of the nice beaches and tropical weather for two and a half weeks. Work hard, play hard 😎

Here are some more photos and videos from our trip.

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